While billions are celebrating Easter, there are some other human beings in Baghdad and Lahore who are living 24/7 bloody nightmares in their war-torn countries, are sick and tired of burying their beloved ones.
Let’s remember that media’s selective outrage should not be the reason why to stop condemning ALL terrorist acts, in every single region of the world.
Let’s not forget the over 300 Muslims who have died in the past 48 hours and whose life is apparently not as important as Westerns’ who have succeeded to attract the exclusive sympathy of the international media and decision-makers.
Let’s notice the so-called leaders of the worlds’ inexistent speeches to condemn and take actions against what’s happening in Muslim countries because of the rats who were trained and financed by them.
And please let’s not forget that Muslims by far outnumber any other religious group when it comes to being targeted by the so-called Islamic State.
Let's not forget Palestine whose case is forgotten and normalized because of all of what's happening to the rest of the world.
Let's picture Palestinians collecting rain water to survive another day of water and electricity restrictions on their very own land.
Let's not forget about refugees drowning, shivering, crying, dying, and getting accused of exaggerating, faking, dramatizing wars.

Let’s not normalize our mournings. Let’s not filter and classify the value of people by their religion, gender, and/or color. 

Let’s keep in mind that everyone’s life is precious and only love and unity will take us out of these hard times, hopefully.

May every soul rest in peace. 


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