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How expensive is Sustainable Development?

What do you think would happen if you gather 41 youth from the Arab region if 1 place to discuss and find solutions to 17 different challenges in their region?

The “Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Leadership Training” is a project of the Global Action Programme on ESD. As a follow-up to the UN Decade on ESD (2005-2014), UNESCO launched the Global Action Programme (GAP) on ESD which focuses on generating and scaling up ESD action at all levels, in all areas of education, and in all sustainable development sectors. The GAP has five Action Areas, one of which (GAP 4) is dedicated to mobilizing and engaging youth who are recognized as key to the success of the GAP.


Whether admitted or not, we -Arabs- can remember a stereotype or two that we hold against another country of the region. Too westernized. Too Middle Eastern. Too conservative. Too rich. Too needy.
We've all been there.
We have all had an imagine of backwardness, of poverty, and of dependance on the W…

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