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Happy international Youth Day from Tunisia.

Another quite significant Youth Day for Tunisian young activists, mentors, students, youth workers, and leaders from all around the country. Dedicating this day to the driving force of change and of the continuous efforts to stabilize the democratic transition of the country, we wish to all young change-makers of the world a happy International Youth Day.

Tunisia, winner of not only the title of the leader of the Revolution of Dignity 2011, but also the Nobel Prize for peace in 2015 still strives to build a pluralistic democracy and a peace democratic transition. All of the efforts rising to stabilize the country are significantly rising thanks to the solid efforts driven by civil society leaders. However, debates are still going whether youth of Tunisia represent an opportunity or a threat to the country's security and sustainable development.

Youth carry on building a new narrative in countering the state of waithood and violence in Tunisia.

Under the theme of "Youth buildi…

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