My Global Education experience.

  Hello everyone,I hope you all are having a great warm autumn. It has been a long time since I wrote in here. Today, I am coming back with a new vision, new spirit, and new memories. Today, my article will be from the United States, with love.
In this article, I am going to let you walk in my shoes, take you back in time and tell you how it all started. I, Ghada Zribi, was one of the most fortunate scholars who went through a competitive opportunity that the US department of state and the American people have provided for young undergraduate students in Tunisia. By the way, I highly encourage you all to go for it and apply for one of the great opportunities that the U.S. embassy is providing for prominent Tunisian youth.

My trip was the first and the longest trip ever. In the airport, saying goodbye to my parents and to the country that I spent 21 years in, wasn't quite easy, I admit. Yet, I was positive that something better is waiting for me. After more than 15 hours of being alone, looking from a plane's window or  waiting for my flight, I finally landed in NEW MEXICO's land. After sleeping for hours, I finally got to know my friendship-family who warmly welcomed me. And from then on, my journey started.
The first place that I had the chance to visit was ISI Albuqueraque center that provided me with everything I needed for my dorm. People were so welcoming and nice. We ate, laughed and got to know each other. In the same week, I got to know my beautiful smiley adviser Susanne Knoblauch. 

Me, Susi ♥ and AJ from Uzbekistan (Global UGRAD)
In Susi's office, I met another 2 Irex students from Uzbekistan and Pakistan. That day, we went to our first trip to the World's longest tramway in Sandia peak. 
Going to that trip, the trip after, the event after and the celebration after continued and the more I visit places, the more I get to know people. My network started from an Arab friend, to 2 Mexican buddies, to 10 American sweethearts, to a hilarious Bolivian, a French best friend, a Uzbek photographer , and a lot of other people that stamped my memory with their kindness, humor and craziness.  To be honest, during my first weeks, I got upset whenever someone misspells Tunisia's name, or thought that it was Indonisia.
Yet, with all of those misconceptions about Arabs and Africans continue, I, started to be convinced that my mission in here as an ambassador of Tunisia, is to spot the light on my country in every map and teach people how to pronounce my name right.
With every information I add, people's curiosity grows and asks for more traditions for more Tunisian facts, customs and words. You have no idea how pleasing it is, to have people who greet you saying "Salam", or showing their gratitude saying "shokran", "ayshek". 

  5 years ago, I've never believed that my dream of visiting the U.S. will be realized. 3 months ago, I've never thought that I'm going to be surrounded by such amazing people who keep making me feel home. People who celebrated my birthday, cooked for me and listened to me. Yes, I am the only Tunisian in here but I am thankful that I succeeded to make people from the whole world know about my country and put it on their travel list.
In this week, I wanted to share with all of you people my experience as an International Irex student who is proudly exchanging knowledge and cultures.  I am not going to talk a lot but the only thing that I can tell you is: 

GET OUT OF YOUR SHELL PEOPLE! Don't let the boundaries stop you.
Work hard and DARE to dream. 
Don't let anyone tells you that you can't do it. If it is worth it, go for it and make out of the impossible reachable. 

    Last but not least, I want to take advantage of this opportunity to thank everyone who made out of me the strong, self-confident person I am today.
Thank you all, I will make you proud,



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