The dark price of Freedom - Tunisia.

"I will surely make myself killed because of the revelations I am releasing and others that I am planning to publish.  But I know that I have good people to rely on. Now, I'm only afraid for my family and my children ... Report, share but I want you to support me. «March 2014.
This was the last post published on Anis Azizi’s Facebook page, before getting stabbed by a screw-diver in front of his house on Friday, May 30th 2014.

Anis was an employee of the regional areas of the State and Land Affairs, who took action against the corruption he exposed since the first day he joined his job. They started warning him by putting his his car on fire.  Things got serious with the 8 stabs that led to his death, leaving 2 children and a widowed wife. And here we are today, months after the incident, still have no idea who is behind all of this chaos.
Years after the revolution of democracy, dignity and freedom, we find ourselves in front a mysterious system that keeps eliminating anyone who dares to expose the corruption that is currently happening in Tunisia’s public and private sector. Aziz is not the first, and he surely will not be the last.

Four years ago when everyone saw Mohamed Bouazizi and hundreds of other martyrs sacrificing themselves for the sake of social justness and government’s corruption, the whole world bowed in front of the persistence and the audacity of Tunisian youth. More than 340 martyrs and 2,147 injuries were the result of the civil resistance and spontaneous uprisings against the RCD and Zine-El-Abidine-Ben-Ali’s system.
We saw people in the cold nights of December, quitting their job, leaving their families and setting bun fires in the corner of every neighborhood in order to protect the whole city from BEN Ali’s militia. We saw beauties offering the love of their lives to the country. We saw the mother burying the son that she saw him growing day by day and planned for his wedding, her whole life. We saw the poor with his empty stomach, shouting; “Eating Bread and water are still better than Ben Ali” (
خبز و ماء و بن علي لا).

They, are us. Us, are Tunisians who didn’t let differences based on backgrounds, religions or even gender, keep us away from achieving the revolution that we spent years waiting for.
YET, was kicking Ben Ali enough for Tunisia to start a brand new era of democracy, employment and most importantly, FREEDOM?

 It’s sad to admit that the answer to the previous question, is NO.  And whether we admit it or not, Tunisia is still under the control of an unknown organism that will not let us know the truth. And we now are sure that ending 23 years of dictatorship is nothing but the first step toward a complete democratic country.
Nowadays, we’re still hearing about leaders being assassinated and brave soldiers being slaughtered. Activists and bloggers also took their share by being imprisoned because of something they said on the radio or even a status they posted on their Facebook page.
People are out now, protesting and hunger-striking for criminals being released for “lack of evidences”. These cases later on will be forgotten, put on the shelf just next to hundreds of other cases that need to be reviewed. By cases, I mean cases of terrorism, government corruption, human rights violations and so on and so forth are still under investigation?
The question is, is catching someone smoking weed, more threatening than the death of  soldiers in Kasserine, Kef, Sidi Bouzid and Gafsa? 
It's a Crystal-clear message that needs to be submitted to the actual and future government. It's time to wake up and work for the sake of the country. It's now or never! 


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