Not too young for patriarchy

Once again, Tunisia encounters an other heart-shattering story where women are again, victims of a narrow minded society.

 Aya is the 13 years old girl who got burned alive by her father who felt free to punish her for walking home with her male classmate... Yes, walking with a boy costs a girl nowadays, a Fourth degree burn that made her struggle to survive for more than 10 days in the Trauma and Burn Center in Ben Arous, Tunisia.

 After serious investigations,  Aya's neighbors added an other version to this story, saying that her father lost control when Aya came home late. By late, I do mean few hours after finishing school. 

Without listening to her, his barbarian madness made him douse his daughter with gasoline and set fire to her young innocent body and burn with her all of the dreams she used to build, in a glance.

  The Tunisian police has immediately arrested Aya's father and now we have nothing to do but waiting for the diagnosis of this tragedy to continue. 

This incident actually leaves me questioning how old can women be before we get exposed to the understanding that our whole worth depends on our gender?  

I'll let you reflect upon that.


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