Meditation because some questions cannot be answered on Google.

"الأمنيات التي لا تتحقق بسرعة تمنحنا وقتا للدعاء والتأمل" 

"Wishes that don’t come true at once grant us time for prayer and meditation"
Yaser Harib (b. 1978) - an Emirati writer

Meditation: …
For me, it was just another fancy word that represented a bunch of people somewhere in Asia where they enjoyed uhhhm’ing for a couple of minutes, hours maybe? Maybe it was a religious practice that made them feel better, think better, and act better.
Inner peace: …
Waw, is this a thing?
Peace for me was simply the opposite of war and the absence of any armed conflicts. Inner peace though, I think it is somehow related to meditation. Another fancy word.
Breakups, cheating, , and hard life choices. This was pretty much the cycle of the feelings I had during my first college year. I was between two choices, either surrender and stay inside my bubble avoiding all possible disappointments, or stand up for myself and know that I am simply enough.
I am enough to life, to love, and to build
I started praying, getting closer to Allah gave me the stamina of mind and soul. I found myself relaxing and I simply started meditating.



To engage in mental exercise (as concentration on one's breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness

  I was introduced to the practice of inner peace and meditation through a 42-day program called Peace Revolution.
Let me be honest, it not easy for me to sit for half an hour, not even for five minutes, and clear away all thoughts that have enjoyed the stay in my mind since a long time ago. No, it was not a simple process of ‘uhhming’ and forcing my eyes to stay still.
It was about dedicating some of my time for my very own self. It was for the first time  in a very long time, it was about me.

The 1st 10 days of my self-development program were like continuous personal tests about my self-confidence, my willingness to focus all of my energy on being a better human being to myself and to the ones surrounding me...

To be continued...


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