Closing Ceremony of the American Corner Leadership Club.

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 The American Corner Leadership Club gathered us on 30/05/2014 in the American Embassy in Tunis  to celebrate the end of the first chapter of this one year program that  allowed 20 participants to be ACLC alumni through improving their skills and unleashing their thoughts by taking part in different projects and trainings.


  This club was launched in October 2013 as a first step toward initiating a young Tunisian network of entrepreneurial leaders to build a promising future beyond beliefs and borders.
As leaders of our community, we were gathered under the roof of democracy to strengthen ties and partnerships which led to a quick implementation through organizing several events such as the Global Entrepreneurial week.

  The celebration started by giving our speeches and recommendations as alumni to the other members in order to maximize their chances to get accepted in exchange programs offered by the embassy.
  With the presence of  Mr. Sami Saied, Mrs. Kate, Mrs. Rachel, Mrs. Refka Nsiri and Mrs Najla Abbes , we enjoyed exchanging experiences and funny memories of our previous projects. We carelessly danced on the rhythms of "Break the chain",  then Mr. Stevens Christian joined us to show support and congratulate us of the consecutive success stories we are achieving.

  Everyone was impressed by our rich differences that gathered us all, for one single reason. We all were eager to learn and to be the change that we want to see in this country. We all were there, to prove our prominent potentials and how creative we contributed to this society. And we  succeed thanks to our efforts and persistence.
And like we always say, this is not the end yet .
 As we are going to write the second chapter of the ACLC book, don't hesitate to fill the application form that will soon be released on the Facebook page

Once an ACLCer, always an ACLCer.


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